Physical Science Test 2B
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Physical Science Test 2B

Complete each sentence or statement.


Matter that always has exactly the same composition is classified as a(an) ____________________.



Pure substances are either ____________________ or ____________________.



An element has a fixed composition because it contains only one type of ____________________.



The symbols for elements have either ____________________ or ____________________ letters.



A compound can be made from two or more elements or other ____________________ joined together in a fixed composition.



The substances in a(an) ____________________ mixture are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.



In a(an) ____________________ mixture, the parts of the mixture are noticeably different from one another.



Fresh milk is a suspension, but homogenized milk is a(an) ____________________.



If the particles in a mixture scatter light, the mixture is either a(an) ____________________ or a(an) ____________________.

Figure 2-1


Based on the information in Figure 2-1, the ____________________ point of gold is 1064.2ºC and the ____________________ point of gold is 2856.0ºC.



Measuring ____________________ can be used to test the purity of some substances.



If a spoon gets hot quickly when it is used to stir a pot of soup, it is probably made of ____________________.



A material used for electrical wiring would need to have good ____________________.



____________________ is a process that could be used to separate dissolved particles from the liquid in a solution.



A(An) ____________________ change occurs when a material changes shape or size but the composition of the material does not change.



____________________ properties can be observed only when the substances in a sample of matter are changing into different substances.



Rust forms because iron and oxygen are highly ____________________ elements.



A solid that forms and separates from a liquid mixture is a(an) ____________________.



A cake rises as it bakes because a chemical change causes ____________________ to be produced.



When a metal changes color because it has been heated, a(an) ____________________ change occurred. When a metal changes color because it has reacted with another substance, a(an) ____________________ change occurred.


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